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The Biggest Thing I’ve Learned So Far…

I started this blog almost one year ago (has it been a year already? I can't remember!) and I've learned a lot along the way.  I've shared a lot of my discoveries and insights, especially over on Instagram, but there's one lesson that hit me like a ton of bricks the other day... Be yourself.… Continue reading The Biggest Thing I’ve Learned So Far…


September, 2019 (Life Update)

If you've been around for a while, you'll know that this year has been a bit of an adventure for me.  From health scares (both human and canine; don't worry - everyone is okay!) to having the ceiling in our apartment leaking in five different spots.. this year has had a lot of ups and… Continue reading September, 2019 (Life Update)

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Catch & Release Project Party!

Last week, I described the lead-up to creating this project and basically got really vulnerable about my summer of imposter syndrome (and also offered zero help, sorry about that. 😂) Today, though, is the reveal of my Catch & Release project!  Mathew Boudreax, aka Mister Domestic, put a call out for micro-influencers to create projects… Continue reading Catch & Release Project Party!