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"Coffee, Because F*ck This" Sweary Bird Zipper Pouch

"Coffee, Because F*ck This" Sweary Bird Zipper Pouch

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There's nothing like a cup of coffee to jolt some energy back into you. Whether your soul is slowing being sucked away from you at work, or you're just OVER IT today... this pouch is for you. 

Measuring approx. 5.5" x 8.5", this zipper pouch is just the right size to accommodate a variety of items, from pens and pencils to make-up, and more. The zipper closure ensures you can keep your small stuff organized on the go, without worrying about it spilling all over the inside of your bag.

Digitally printed on a cotton/linen blend, and backed with a coordinating cotton/linen color. Featuring artwork by Cynthia Frenette. Pouch is fully lined, no raw seams inside.

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