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Martingale Dog Collar - Large

Martingale Dog Collar - Large

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Suitable for large breeds with necks between 16" – 25"

Give your pup a pop of pizazz this Valentine's Day with a fabric-covered collar from Flying Goose Studio! Available in a wide variety of prints for all good boys and girls.

Collar measures 1.5" wide, and is suitable for neck sizes between 16"–25".  This collar is intended for large breeds such as shepherds and pitbulls.

Please note: this collar is a martingale collar, which means it does not have a buckle. Follow these instructions to ensure a correct fit:

1. Loosen the collar so it is big enough to fit over your pup's head. Slide on.
2. Pull the collar up behind their ears, and adjust the fit.
3. Gently pull on the D-ring attached to the control loop. If the hardware touches, the collar is too loose and needs to be tightened.
4. Ensure there is about 1–2 fingers of room when control loop is tightened. The goal is to prevent your dog from slipping out of the collar, NOT to choke them.
5. Periodically check the collar to ensure it still fits properly.

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