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Sawtooth Star Linen Christmas Stocking

Sawtooth Star Linen Christmas Stocking

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Make this holiday unforgettable with a stocking that combines the charm of tradition with modern sophistication!

Whether it's your first Christmas together with loved ones, or you're celebrating some time-honored traditions, this stocking is designed to become an heirloom, cherished for years to come. Hang it with pride in your home, and create a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for celebrating the magic of the season.

This stocking isn't just beautiful, it's made to last. Hang your stockings by the chimney with care using the reinforced loop. Fill it with your favorite goodies without worrying about prying eyes or loose threads — each stocking is fully lined with white cotton for an elegant touch.

The focal point of these stockings is the sawtooth star in the center. Inspired by traditional quilting patterns, this star adds a handcrafted, whimsical appeal to your Christmas decor.

AVAILABLE IN A WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS. Will you stick with a monochromatic color palette, or mix it up with a different color for each family member? Bright and festive, or soft earth tones — the choice is yours!

NOTE: These stockings have not been treated with any flame-retardant chemicals. Be smart and safe, and don't hang them over a lit wood fireplace.

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